(*Please remember, due to our SPECIAL OCCASIONS PERMIT absolutely no outside alcohol may be brought in to the event.  Wine & beer are available for purchase at the Mallet Lounge)

Bringing a picnic to polo is one of the most enjoyable ways to experience the event. Over the years at Polo For Heart our guests have gone above and beyond the normal picnic protocol, coming up with beautifully dressed tables and themed picnics. We’ve had elegant, fun and sometimes humorous picnics pop up around the grounds, so a few years back we decided to start the “perfect polo picnic contest”. This contest is judged on Saturday and Sunday, with a Polo For Heart prize pack awarded to the judge’s favorite picnic. So get your thinking cap on and plan what you think would be the perfect polo picnic. No registration is required for this contest. All picnics at the event will be judged.

The Best Hat Contest

This is another annual tradition at Polo For Heart, and judging’s take place on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Because you’re outdoors, wearing a hat makes perfect sense, so why not choose a hat that might turn some heads – including the judges head! No registration is required for this contest, everyone wearing a hat will be judged. The judges favorite hat will win a Polo For Heart prize pack.