The Do’s and Don’ts of Polo Match Etiquette By: Emily Hurst

Posted on Jun, 14th, 2018

DON’T wear high heeled shoes (and if you do make sure they’re wedges), it is an outdoor event that takes place almost entirely on grass so you’ll want to be able to walk without losing a heel (or a shoe) in the ground

DON’T dress like you’re a polo player (i.e. white pants and knee high leather boots), leave that to the polo players

DO compliment a player on their horses, horses account for 80% of a player’s ability to play the game so a compliment to a player’s horse is a compliment to the player

DO play it safe around the horses, remember, these are live animals (and big ones at that) so DON’T walk too close behind them and approach them slowly better yet DO ask their handler (groom or player) if it’s okay to touch

DO cheer and clap when you see something you like on the field

DON’T heckle (we’re all civilized ladies and gentlemen here)

DON’T make too much noise when a player is hitting a penalty shot, the player needs all their concentration and their horse as settled and focused as possible

DO participate in the divot stomp at halftime, it’s part of the tradition of attending a polo match and it does serve the purpose of repairing the field for the players when they take to it for the second half

DO keep an eye out for flying balls, mallets and horses jumping the ankle height boards if you’re standing close to the edge of the field. Polo is a fast moving sport with a lot of variables that can change at any minute so keep your whit about you

DO take photos of the match, the ponies, the players and of course yourselves enjoying the atmosphere! There’s nothing polo players like more than photos of themselves and their ponies

DO try to use some polo lingo so you can sound like the expert we know you want to be (try ‘chukker’, ‘pony’, ‘hook’ and ‘ride off’ and watch as the players are amazed at your polo knowledge) 

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